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Reliable navigation with RSL 400 safety laser scanner

The RSL 400 safety laser scanner from Leuze electronic sets new standards in reliable navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).


Product details

Optosensorics manufacturer Leuze electronic introduces the new RSL 400 safety laser scanner, a laser scanner with detailed measured value output for AGV navigation (automated guided vehicle) systems.

The compact scanner combines safety technology with high-quality measurement value output and enables reliable safeguarding and navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

The measurement output, which is optimized for navigation software, works according to the principle of Natural Navigation with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

With 0.1 degree angular resolution and a measurement range of up to 50 m, the RSL 400 captures the environment in particular detail. This is achieved by the very narrow laser spot, this retains its vertical shape over the entire angular range.

The extremely accurate distance values are not affected by the reflectance of the object. Due to the additional output of the received signal strength value per beam, the navigation software independently detects the reflectors. When the beams hit a reflector, the values differ significantly from the environment.

With up to 100 switchable field pairs, the RSL 400 enables optimal adaptation of the protective fields, even with a wide variety of loading and movement conditions. Multiple protective fields are monitored in parallel, enabling safe reduction of AGV speeds.

The new RSL 400 safety laser scanners are also available as a variant with PROFINET/PROFIsafe interface.




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