force measurement

Measure and monitor tensile and compressive forces



Measuring devices for small and large forces

Force transducers, force sensors, load cells, thin film force transducers and strain gauges

Our wide range of force measurement equipment ranges from mini compression force transducers the size of a shirt button to load cells for measuring a container volume of over 40 tons. For special requirements, the sensors are also integrated directly into machine elements. The top priority of personal safety is taken into account by sensors with Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3). We combine the extensive selection of force measurement devices with sound technical expertise and decades of industry experience to provide safe and economical solutions.



Our products

Hydraulic force transducers

Advantages of hydraulic force gauges

  • Measurement possible without auxiliary power (with analog gauge)
  • Available in many versions, customized per application
  • Reliable and robust
  • Combination with mechanical and electronic gauges possible
  • Wide range of applications


General information about hydraulic force gauges

Hydraulic force gauges or force transducers use a piston-diaphragm combination as the transducer unit. In this case, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters or pressure gauges with contact device are directly or indirectly connected to the transducer for force indication. Our product range includes hydraulic pressure transducers and hydraulic ring force transducers: Hydraulic pressure transducers also include transducers with small dimensions as well as products for clamping force measurement and level measurement. Hydraulic ring force transducers are used when a shaft must pass through the measuring body. They are available in compact design as well as in heavy duty for forces from 4 kN to 2,500 kN. You can also obtain the accessories for hydraulic force measurement from us.


application fields

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mobile machinery
  • Lifting technology
  • Geotechnics
  • Process technology
  • Power generation
  • Agricultural technology


Technical features

  Measuring ranges:  from 0...160 N to 0...10. 000 kN
  Effective directions:  Tension, compression and tension/compression
  Composite error:  +/-0.5%; 1.0%; 1.6% respectively from full scale
  Designs:  for gap measurement/welding guns, clamping force, chuck, compact version, heavy duty, ring force and geotechnics



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Force transducers with thin film sensors

Advantages of thin film sensors

  • Cost-effective and precise
  • Constant high quality
  • Very high long-term stability
  • No creep
  • Integrated amplifier
  • Very economical for custom designs
    and in OEM applications
  • SIL 3


General information about thin film sensors

Our thin-film sensors are mass-produced from special high-strength stainless steel and come from an automated production process. This eliminates the quality variations caused by manual work. The sensors are inserted into the (individually developed) force transducers, which are also made of stainless steel, by laser spot welding. The thin-film sensor is placed directly in the force flow of the force transducer. The occurring force-proportional tensile, compressive or shear stresses are reliably and precisely recorded in this way. Our force transducers with thin film sensors are particularly convincing due to their very good temperature behavior, high long-term stability and integrated amplifier electronics.


application fields


  • Machine construction
  • Mobile machines
  • Lifting technology
  • Conveyor systems
  • Stage technology
  • Paper machines
  • Welding gun robots


  • Shelf service equipment
  • Geotechnology
  • Process technology
  • Power generation
  • Agricultural technology
  • uvm.


Technical features

  Measuring ranges:  from 0...1 kN to 0...1. 300 kN
  Effective directions:  Tension, compression and tension/compression
  Composite error:  +/-0.2%; 0.5%; 1.0%; 2%; 3% respectively from full scale
  Output signals:  4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V or CANopen® bus
  Designs:  Measuring axis, measuring link, measuring shackle, cable force transducer, press-in sensor, shear bar,compressive force transducer, tensile force transducer/compressive force transducer



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Force transducer with strain gauge technology


  • Universal application possibilities.
  • Large geometric variability
  • Very accurate measurement results (even when detecting the smallest forces)
  • Comprehensive accessories (measuring amplifiers, limit switches, displays, etc.)


General information about force measurement with strain gauges

Force transducers and load cells with bonded strain gauges operate on the principle of the piezoresistive resistance effect: a meandering resistance wire is welded to a foil strip. This is bonded to a deformation body. The deformation of the strain gage changes the electrical resistance, and precision and signal output are optimized by bridging the strain gages. Force transducers with strain gauges (SGs) provide very accurate measurement results even when detecting the smallest forces.


application fields


  • Weighing
  • Medical
  • Research
  • Mechanical
  • Agricultural


  • Power generation
  • Port and offshore
  • Lifting
  • and many more. 


Technical features

  Measuring ranges:  from 0...0.5 N to 0...10. 000 kN
  Effective directions:  Tension, compression and tension/compression
  Composite error:  +/-0.017 %; 0.04 %; 0.1 %; 0.15 %; 0.16 %; 0.2 %; 0.25 %; 0.3 %; 0.35 %; 0.5 %; 1.0 %; each from full scale
  Output signals:  various mV/V signals
  Designs:  compressive force transducer, low height compressive force transducer, high load load cells,miniature force transducer, flange force transducer, S-type, S-type miniature, bending beam, shear beam, platform load cells, heavy load platform load cell, screw force ring load cell, low height ring load cell, "universal"



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