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Safety for people and machines

Industrie Anlagensicherheit. Sicherheitszaun, Schutzzaun für Safety Komplettlösungen.


Turnkey safety complete solutions for industry

"Tomorrow is the reward for the safety of the moment." Stuntman Mike

  • Protection of man and machine through reliable compliance with applicable directives (laws) and standards
  • Increased competitiveness through higher productivity and availability while improving safety
  • Complete portfolio of high-performance components and systems for machine safety
  • Comprehensive support through a network of experienced, independent partners for training, consulting, "safety engineering" and documentation creation
  • Services over the entire life cycle of your machine


Why Schmachtl

Effective. Independent. Complete.

Safety Services



As an independent solution provider, we individually select the appropriate quality products for each requirement from our comprehensive range of leading brand manufacturers. We accompany you from conception to conclusive documentation suitable for CE marking. On request, we also prepare studies of your machinery and equipment to improve competitiveness with the help of safety technology.

Less is often more. Equipping machines with too many safety-related components can lower the safety level just as much as using the wrong technology. After all, the more components at work, the greater the risk of failure. Safety technology must not be selected and dimensioned like standard automation. That's why, when designing safety systems, we always make sure to meet not only the required performance level, but also the necessary safety level.


Step by Step to Safety Complete Solution

Success means responsibility - for your own employees and for your customers. Safety in operation is therefore indispensable, for the protection of people and machines. We view safety as an integrative part of your processes and support you with our service chain in the best possible implementation of the optimal safety solution.



Our services


  • Risk assessment
  • Safety chain definition


  • Conception
  • Calculation
  • Electrical design
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning


  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Documentation


  • Training
  • Further training
  • Aftersales

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