Peripherals to make your Cobot even more adaptable to the application, and more flexible.



Cable guide, 7-axis, protective covers and tool changer

To take full advantage of the cobots' functionality, the right accessories can be a useful addition. Whether you need to guide external media on the robot, or need a quick-change system, we can advise you on all your needs.



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Cable routing

General information about cable routing with Murrplastik

The FHS flexible holder system is a unique and modular holder system for dynamic energy supply to cobots. With holder systems, strain reliefs, ball joints and end sleeves, expandability is ensured at any time. A special feature is the feedback system, which enables a necessary length compensation. 


  • Non-slip
  • Fits on different surfaces and radii
  • Easy mounting without tools
  • Low dead weight
  • Cost reduction - only one system holder for each application


When media or electrical signals must be carried through.


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Seventh axis

General about Seventh Axis

Range is a limiting factor in robotics. Especially in applications where 3m and more are required. 7th axes from the UR+ portfolio can bring the decisive advantage in the application.Up to 6 meters extension of the range are no longer a problem.


  • High power handling
  • Highest accuracy
  • Seamless integration of UR+ products


  • Machine building
  • All industrial applications
  • Woodworking machines
  • Furniture industry


Accessories such as tool changers, etc

General about accessories

The UR+ ecosystem is now so large that there is something for every need.  

Tool changing systems, whether manual or automatic, monitoring software for robot monitoring, separation systems, robot protection, and more



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