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Schmachtl Cable Ducts

Reliable protection for the entire electrical system

In the cable duct, electrical cables and wires are safely guided and protected from damage. From mini trunking to cable routing trunking made of sheet metal, stainless steel or plastic to wiring trunking including accessories - different dimensions and designs make plant-specific standard and special solutions possible.



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General information about conduit channels

A mini or cable guide trunking enables safe and clean installation of electrical cables in buildings and facilities. Our guide trunking is made of plastic and is available in different dimensions and in white or gray. 

Application fields

  • Electrical installations
  • Buildings


Advantages of Schmachtl Cable Routing Ducts

  • With or without pre-embossed bottom punchings
  • 30 different dimensions/sizes
  • Comprehensive accessories


Steel sheet ducts

General information about steel plate channels

In a sheet steel or stainless steel duct, electrical cables are safely routed and reliably protected from damage. Sheet steel and stainless steel ducts are available in different sizes and, thanks to appropriate accessories, allow flexible and simple installation.

Application fields

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Buildings
  • Food industry


Advantages of steel sheet ducts

  • Protection against damage
  • High stability
  • Available up to protection class IP 65 (type-dependent)
  • With hinged, captive cover (type-dependent)
  • With and without bottom embossing
  • Special designs
  • Extensive accessories


Technical features

  • Available in different sizes and wall thicknesses



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Wiring channels

General information about wiring channels

Various web and slot widths of wiring ducts enable safe and clean installation of wires in electrical systems. The wiring ducts we sell are made of rigid PVC or halogen-free plastic

Application fields

  • Switch cabinet construction
  • House distribution


Advantages of wiring channels

  • 2 web/slot widths
  • Over 50 different dimensions/sizes
  • With bottom perforation and patented fastening points
  • Side web break points
  • Extensive accessories
  • International approvals


Catalogs and brochures



For safe and clean laying of electrical wires and cables, you need appropriate accessories for cable and installation trunking. Our extensive range offers a wide variety of possible solutions for individual applications.


  • Internal and external angles
  • Reducing pieces
  • Trunking connectors
  • End pieces
  • Cable holders for wiring and wiring ducts
  • Separators
  • Fixing inserts
  • Expanding rivets
  • Spiral hoses
  • Expandable braided hoses
  • Flexible cable ducts with adhesive strips
  • DIN support rails



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