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Line systems and flexible power and ground connections

Current connections, grounding connections, dragline systems, conductor line systems

Draglines and conductor lines, together with various components for power connections, form solid systems for power supply and power distribution. Our range includes the components needed for this purpose, for example, copper bars, busbars, ground straps, expansion straps, insulators, busbar holders, grounding accessories, cable trolleys for cable bars, C-rails, square profiles and I-beams.



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Power connections, ground connections

General information about power and ground connections

Various components for power and ground connections provide a clean solution for power distribution and energy supply. Our range includes copper busbars, power straps, ground straps, expansion straps as well as accessories of insulators and busbar supports including grounding accessories.

Application fields

  • Energy: electrical power generation, transformers...
  • Transportation: automotive industry, aviation, shipping and rail and road transport
  • Construction industry
  • Switchgear cabinets
  • Machine construction


Advantages of Schmachtl power connections

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Good vibration and fatigue resistance
  • Copper, aluminum and stainless steel versions
  • Preformed and double-sided perforated connection kits


Catalogs and brochures

Catalogs and brochures

Slip line systems, conductor line systems

General information about conductor line and festoon systems

Tracklines and conductor lines are solid systems for power supply and power distribution. With an extensive range of festoon systems for cable rails, C-rails, 4kt profiles and I-beams, we offer solutions for various weight loads and speeds. Our single conductor lines, multi-pole conductor lines and box conductor lines complete the range of products for energy distribution and energy supply.

Application fields

  • Bridge and process cranes
  • Media supply systems
  • Container cranes
  • Hand monorails
  • Sewage treatment plant technology
  • Lifts
  • Workplace design


Technical Features

  • Strailing cable systems: up to 800 kg load capacity
  • For round and flat cables
  • Stainless steel and hazardous area versions available
  • Current carrying capacity of conductor systems: up to 1250 A
  • Versions: Copper, Aluminum and Datametall
  • Curveable due to factory-supplied arc segments
  • Energy and data transmission



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