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ProGlove MARK - the smart glove

ProGlove MARK is a glove with an integrated barcode scanner that helps save time in production and logistics processes.Whether complex production steps on the assembly line or small parts picking in the warehouse: every second counts in the process flows of industrial operations. The goal of ProGlove MARK is therefore to make production and logistics processes more efficient.


Pro Glove Mark 2


To do this, it replaces the traditional scan gun, which has so far cost the worker a lot of time by taking it to hand and placing it. ProGlove MARK, on the other hand, enables hands-free and thus efficient, safe and ergonomic work. It simplifies work processes, saves work steps and thus also reduces the risk of errors.

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, it finally makes you mobile: in combination with tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, you can work hands-free and station-independent. ProGlove MARK allows scanning and working at the same time and can read both 1D and 2D barcodes. 







ProGlove MARK in robotics


KUKA is already using ProGlove MARK in the areas of incoming goods, kanban assembly and shipping.

Freehand operation improves the handling of the various work steps in assembly supply.


ProGlove MARK in aviation


Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS) is taking the first step toward a digital warehouse in Munich with the help of ProGlove.

Since 2018, LTS has been using ProGlove MARK in its check-in and packing stations for shipping and handling air cargo.


ProGlove MARK in automotive


At BMW, ProGlove MARK assists workers with picking.

ProGlove MARK saves up to four seconds per pick while ensuring worker safety by allowing workers to handle items with a firm grip.


ProGlove in logistics


Employees in logistics centers can scan packages hands-free, and incorrect or unnecessary handling is immediately reported by an acoustic warning signal. This saves valuable time - up to four seconds per work step.


Why ProGlove?


  • Schnelles effizientes Arbeiten durch weniger Prozessschritte
  • Echtzeitfeedback (optisch, akustisch, haptisch)


  • Schnelle 1D und 2D Barcodeerfassung
  • LEDs im Sichtfeld


  • kleinste & leichteste Wearable Scanner
  • Optimierte Handgriffe
  • Minimierte Fehler
  • Gesteigerte Prozessqualität

Seamless integration

  • Plug&Play: fast and cheap implementation


  • Via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Via 868 Mhz in conjunction with the access point


  • Battery life 15 h battery life / approx. 6000 scans
  • Radio range >60 m

Hardware & Software

The ProGlove MARK system consists of:

  • Scanner comes in two variants: Mark Display and Mark 2
  • Proglove Scanning - Access Terminal: Access Point for Mark 2 only; ProGlove Gateway and ProGlove Connect
  • Wearable: Index Trigger Gloves
  • Charging Station: 2 or 10 slot system






Mark Display

  • 1.54″ large, high-contrast and non-reflective e-ink dispplay
  • Automatic scaling - up to 40 characters per line
  • Adjustable screen orientation
  • Weight: < 48g
  • Pairing via Bluetooth
  • Scanning range 30 - 150cm
  • Optical, audible and haptic feedback

Mark Display vs Mark 2

  • 30 days ROI through increased efficiency
  • 6 sec. faster per scan
  • 6000 scans per battery charge
  • 33% fewer errors through intuitive feedback




Mark 2 standard range:

  • Connectivity through Bluetooth Low Energy or 868 MHz
  • Visual, audible and haptic feedback option
  • Optimized for use in high frequency scanning environment
  • Battery life: Approximately 10,000 scans
  • Easier readability of DPM barcodes
  • Scan range of up to 80 cm.

Mark 2 mid range:

  • 1D and 2D barcode capture
  • Optimized for high volume scanning
  • Extended battery life of up to 10,000 scans




Scanner for Mark 2:

  • Supported product: Mark 2
  • USB and RS232 connectivity
  • Frequency band 868 MHz
  • Transmission security by using freely selectable channels




Scanner for Mark Display and Cloud Solution:

ProGlove Gateway:

  • Supported products: Mark Display and Mark 2
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Proglove Cloud - enabled
  • Multi-pairing up to 5 units simultaneously

ProGlove Connect:

  • Supported products: Mark Display and Mark 2
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Proglove Cloud - enabled





Index Trigger:

  • Left and right version available
  • Trigger: Side between thumb and index finger
  • Features: Comfortable and reinforced seams. Ergonomic release through the thumb and index finger
  • Sizes: S, M, L / Custom sizes depending on the industry




2-Slot Charging Station:

  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Screw holes for mounting
  • 140 x 56 x 19mm
  • IP 20


10-Slot Charging Station:

  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Various mounting options
  • 298 x 203 x 25mm
  • IP 20


How ProGlove works


  • The access point is connected to the system-carrying hardware of the workstation via RS232 and works via plug&play.
  • With a simple scan of the barcode on the access point, MARK connects.
  • Depending on process requirements, one or more MARKS can be connected to an access point.



  • The Access Point receives the data from the barcodes scanned by MARK. It is connected to a PC, IPS, terminal or tablet via a USB or RS232 cable.


  • Information on the current process step is automatically given with MARK by visual, haptic and acoustic feedback to the hand.
  • Process specifications are fed back to the MARK module. Thus, errors are detected at an early stage.



Application in practice


Quality Check

Security Documentation



Track & Trace

Refrigerated Storaging



Advantages of Schmachtl as a partner

Our service goes far beyond product delivery.

Product benefits

  • Smart glove for industrial workers with integrated barcode scanner
  • Omission of individual process steps and associated time savings
  • Improvement of ergonomic working methods through hands-free scanning
  • Optimization of individual hand movements to minimize errors and increase efficiency
  • Simple operation and plug&play implementation

Why Schmachtl?

  • Consulting as well as product selection for applications in the field of identification
  • Support for integration into the company network
  • Digitalization of manufacturing through intelligent products and systems
  • Expertise, know-how and update on product innovations
  • Aftersales and training



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