Industrial Image Processing

Industrial vision: optical systems to see, inspect and control your robot



Industrial image processing

Vision tools for any robotic application from world leaders. To perform integrated tasks, the path in a robot application often leads via camera systems. Position detection of parts, the differentiation of workpieces, all this is solved today via camera systems. A large area of vision applications is quality control. The integration of these functions adds a lot of value to the entire robotic cell.



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Industrial image processing

Allgemeines über Cognex  In-Sight 2D Robot Guidance

Das Plugin nutzt die Weltklasse-Bildverarbeitungstools von Cognex für jede Roboteranwendung.  Es unterstützt damit die Führung des Roboters zu bestimmten Koordinaten, sowie die Teileprüfung nach der Handhabung und die Ausgabe wertvoller Daten zur späteren Analyse. Die Schnittstelle führt den Benutzer durch die für die Hand-Auge-Kalibrierung zwischen Roboter und Bildverarbeitungssystem erforderlichen Schritte.

General about Cognex In-Sight 2D Robot Guidance

The plugin leverages Cognex's world-class image processing tools for any robot application.  It thus supports robot guidance to specific coordinates, as well as part inspection after handling and output of valuable data for later analysis. The interface guides the user through the steps required for hand-eye calibration between the robot and vision system.

General information about Robotiq Wrist Camera

With the Robotiq camera, you can also eliminate the need to purchase expensive and complicated fixtures because the camera detects and positions parts in a disorganized environment. 


  • Plug&Play concept
  • Quick installation and commissioning
  • Detects and positions parts
  • Easy position detection at the machine


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