Gas Warning

Stationary gas detection systems and mobile gas detectors

Industrie Gaswarnung: Gasmelder, Gaswarngeräte, CO2 Melder und mehr


Real-time warning with gas detectors

Gas detectors and area monitors reliably protect people from gas hazards.

Stationary gas detection systems and portable gas detectors are equipped with highly sensitive sensors. They measure hazardous substances even in the smallest concentrations and warn of potential hazards in good time. In this way, gas detection devices reliably protect people, the environment and the plant. With our range of sensor technologies, we cover a wide variety of application areas.



Our products

Stationary devices

Advantages of stationary gas measurement systems

  • Robust industrial designs
  • ATEX and SIL 2 designs
  • Use of 6 different sensor technologies
  • High-quality devices also for special applications


General information about stationary gas detectors

Our stationary gas detectors and gas detection systems are equipped with highly sensitive sensors. 6 different sensor technologies are used. These gas sensors communicate with evaluation devices, which activate the corresponding alarm devices via digital signals after the limit values are exceeded. The optical and acoustic alarm triggered in this way warns people in the vicinity and sets safety chains in motion. The gas sensors measure hazardous substances even in the smallest concentrations and warn of possible dangers in good time. In this way, they protect people, the environment and the plant. 


application fields


  • Ventilation technology
  • Workplace protection
  • Breweries, champagne cellars
  • Active carbon filters
  • Automotive industry
  • Liquid gas storage
  • Laboratories
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Agriculture
  • Biogas plants
  • Test rigs
  • Paint production
  • Building material production
  • Cold storage
  • and many more


Technical features

  Sensor types:  Electrochemical sensors, semiconductor sensors, infrared sensors, heat tone sensors, thermal conductivity sensor, PID sensor
  Measurement components:  various combustible, explosive and toxic gases, as well as O2
  Measuring ranges:  a few ppm to 100 vol%
  Output signal:  4 . .. 20 mA, LON® four-wire technology
  Evaluation:  integrated in the sensor, compact systems for 3, 8, 12 or 16 sensors or modular arbitrarily expandable
  Systems:  for biogas analysis, flue gas measurement or TOC measurement



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Mobile devices

Advantages of portable gas detectors

  • Single gas and multi-gas detectors to detect one to seven gases through 15 different sensor options, including PID
  • also suitable for hazardous areas, ATEX
  • Area monitors with the longest run time - typically 7 days (168 hours)
  • DualSense® technology for increased worker safety
  • LENS™ wireless communication between area monitors and the gas monitors
  • iNet® Exchange subscription service for gas monitors for repair and replacement.
  • Management software iNet® Control for monitoring gases using a central dashboard
  • Live monitoring software iNet® Now with real-time alerts for gas hazards, panic and dead man situations
  • Wide selection of rental equipment


General information about mobile gas detectors

Our selection of single-gas and multi-gas portable gas detectors are suitable for monitoring one to seven gases. Up to 15 different flexible sensor options allow detection of combustible and toxic gases. The gas detectors allow extensive individual configurations. For example, individual messages can be created to relay safety information. These are shown on the display when the respective gas detector is switched on. LENS Wireless forwards panic and dead man alarms to other devices in a group. IP68 classification against dust and water ingress and a robust rubber casing guarantee long-lasting operation of the devices. We also offer a wide range of rental gas detection devices.


application fields


  • Municipal utilities
  • Fire departments
  • Steel mills
  • Digestors


  • Chemical plants. pharmaceutical industry
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • and many more. 


Technical features

  Device types:  Single channel devices, multi-channel devices (up to 6 sensors), area monitors (up to 7 sensors)
  Measurement components:  Toxic, flammable and explosive gases as well as oxygen
  Sensor types:  catalytic sensor, electrochemical sensor, infrared sensor and photoionization
  Accessories:  carrying bags, sampling probes and tubing, filters, sample gas pumps, docking stations, chargers, carrying bags, software, and more.



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Service and maintenance

General information about gas detector maintenance

In your building permit or the ex-concept for a new operating plant, the necessity of a gas warning system is noted? Schmachtl advises on the design and implementation of this safety-relevant measure. 

For the recurring inspection of the warning systems or mobile personal protection devices, we offer maintenance contracts and organize the on-site deployment of our technicians in a timely manner.

Schmachtl scope of services:

  • Design
  • Determination of sensor positions
  • Evaluation of alarms and status messages (according to operating plant and standards)
  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Repair




Project Services

With Schmachtl Project Services you are in good hands from the start of your project. 

From the consultation meeting to technical support. We support you so that you can implement your project




1.  Technical consultations:

- For new applications/


- Replacement types alternative for

existing applications

2. Online/on-site demonstrations/


3. Training & continuing education


4.  Rental equipment/test equipment


1.  Process analysis

needs assessment

2.  Feasibility study

3. Conceptual design/


manufacturing services

1.  Assembly/

Subassembly assembly

2.  Pre-assembly

3. Assembly/installation

4. Commissioning/calibration

5.  Start-up support/

Perfomance check

6.  Retrofit: Modernization &

Retrofit, equipment replacement

Ongoing additional services

1.  Service Packages:


(emergency call for malfunction)/Monitoring Services

2.  Technical Support

Logistics services

With our logistics services you have the possibility to choose between different

delivery and storage options. We support you. 


delivery options

1.  Collective deliveries

2.  Demand site deliveries

3. Consignment stock

4.  Flexible delivery times

Packaging Solutions

1.  Customer individual goods-


commission packaging

industry (collective packaging)

2.  Special packaging

E - Business

1.  EDI integration

Storage options

1.  Spare parts storage

2.  Master contracts:

stock in stock

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