Control cabinets

Intelligent control cabinets, control panel and enclosure systems



Indoor and outdoor control cabinets and control panel systems for multiple applications

From enclosures to terminal boxes to small and plastic housings

Whether single cabinet, bayed cabinet, RHL and PC cabinet - our portfolio is as diverse as your applications. We supply matching control cabinets or consoles including accessories, such as thermal components, busbars or cable protection conduits.



Our products

Enclosures, terminal boxes, small enclosures

General information about control cabinet enclosures

Our control cabinet enclosures are available in standard design or as customized fabrication in sheet steel, stainless steel or other suitable material of your choice. Suitable for extreme loads are special designs, such as fire protection enclosures, EMC enclosures or Ex enclosures.

Application fields

  • Plant construction
  • Machine construction
  • Automation technology
  • Food laboratories and production
  • Medical technology
  • Transport technology


Advantages of Schmachtl enclosures / terminal boxes

  • Convincing in design and function
  • Exceedingly resilient
  • Variety of variants and sizes
  • Different protection classes, approvals (UL, GL, ATEX, IECex)


Housing systems:

  • Single or bayed enclosure
  • Wall-mounted enclosure
  • Operator enclosure
  • Terminal boxes
  • Small enclosure
  • Desks
  • Fire protection enclosure
  • EMC enclosure
  • Ex enclosure




Plastic enclosures

General information about plastic enclosures

Plastic enclosures for control cabinets are available in PC, ABS and polyester with glass fiber reinforcement material variants. These enclosures have proven themselves even under extreme

loads and a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Application fields

  • Chemical plants
  • Building materials industry
  • Food industry
  • Medical technology
  • Transport technology
  • Plant construction
  • Machine construction
  • Automation technology


Advantages of plastic enclosures

  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Ideal for extreme environmental stress
  • Variety of types and sizes


Technical features:

  • Temperature range: from -40 °C to +120 °C
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Variable interior




General information about control cabinet accessories

An extensive range of components for control cabinet construction allows you to customize your enclosures according to your requirements.

Components for control cabinets

  • Thermocomponents
  • Flexible busbars and busbar straps (insulated and uninsulated)
  • Grounding and high-current straps
  • Insulators and busbar supports
  • Profile bars
  • Cable protection conduits
  • Support arm systems
  • Closing systems


Advantages with Schmachtl

  • Standard products or special designs according to customer requirements




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