Fill level

Different measurement methods to accurately determine the fill level

Industrie Füllstandmessung: Niveauschalter, Füllstandssensor, Schwimmerschalter und mehr


Measure level in different media

Our selection of devices for measuring level differs according to the physical method by which they operate.

Level measurement devices detect the level (standing height) of liquids, bulk solids or pasty media in closed containers, tanks or open vessels. Our product portfolio includes a wide selection of measuring instruments with a wide variety of measuring methods for these diverse tasks. The output functions range from direct display to analog output to switching of limit values.



Our products

Probes switch floats

Advantages of floats for level measurement


  • Different float types depending on application
  • Ideal for hydraulic tanks and fuel
  • Special lengths 100...1900 mm
  • Two switch points


  • Pressure resistant up to max. 15 max.
  • Sliding tube made of optionally stainless steel, PVC, PP of PVDF
  • Large connection space
  • Screw-in thread 1", ½" and 2"


General information about float switches

Float switches are used for full and empty detection, for controlling pumps or valves, and for alarm protection. They monitor the level of liquids through two reed contacts permanently located in the sliding tube. The system uses a magnetic float that moves along the sliding tube and switches the reed contacts when crossed. The position of the reed contacts is freely definable and must be specified when ordering the level probe. A subsequent change is not possible.


application fields

  • Container construction
  • Plant construction
  • Heavy industry
  • Refineries
  • Water management
  • Chemical plants
  • Universal application and direct assembly
    in silos, containers, basins and tanks


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Ultrasonic level meter

Advantages of level measurement with ultrasound

  • OLED contrast display
  • Fast display
  • Advanced intelligent signal processing
  • Easy adjustment without measured material
  • Current output (4 ... 20 mA)
  • HART®
  • RS-485 Modbus/RTU
  • Applications in hazardous areas (Xi version)


General information about ultrasonic measurement

Level measurement with ultrasound is based on non-contact transit time measurement. The ultrasonic pulses emitted by a sensor are reflected by the surface of the medium and detected again by the sensor. The required transit time is a measure of the distance traveled in the empty container section. This value is subtracted from the total level and the level is obtained. This echo sounder method is a non-contact and maintenance-free measurement without being influenced by product properties such as dielectric constant, conductivity, density or humidity.


Application fields

  • Process technology
  • Process engineering
  • Chemical plants
  • Building materials industry.
  • Universal application and direct assembly
    in silos, vessels, basins and tanks, open channels


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Capacitive level probes

Advantages of capacitive level measurement

  • Direct mounting in vessels, silos, hoppers, storage tanks, pipes, basins, etc.
  • Increased resistance to electromagnetic interference
  • Simple adjustment by magnetic pin
  • Mode for quick adjustment of the sensor without the presence of medium
  • Display of the status via an LED
  • Wide choice of electrical connections via connectors, cable glands or protective earth
  • Housing and electrode made of stainless steel
  • High stability with high sensitivity
  • Xi, XiT version for explosive areas, XiM, XiMT version for hazardous areas such as with methane or coal dust


General information about capacitive level measurement

In capacitive level measurement, the change in electrical capacitance between electrodes is detected when they are surrounded by a medium. This change depends on the dielectric constant of the medium. If this is constant, the measured capacitance can be used to infer how far the electrodes are immersed in the medium. In this case, therefore, not only can a limit switch be constructed, but the continuous level can also be determined. When measuring with capacitive switches, a change in the dielectric constant is detected. The function depends on the ratio of the dielectric constant of the medium to the dielectric constant of the vessel wall.


application fields

  • Process technology
  • Process engineering
  • Chemical plants
  • Building materials industry.
  • Universal application and direct assembly
    in silos, vessels, basins and tanks, open channels


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Radar level gauge

Advantages of Radar - Level Meters

  • No influence by overpressure or underpressure, temperatures and dust exposure
  • Available in many designs. Tailor-made per application
  • Also applicable in hazardous areas, ATEX
  • Suitable for aggressive media
  • Measuring depth up to 40 m


General information about radar level measurement

Radar level meters with rod or cable electrode are compact measuring instruments for continuous level measurement of liquids, bulk materials and pasty media. By emitting microwave pulses in the direction of the surface, the electronics measure the time difference of the electromagnetic waves and thus the distance to the surface. From this, an output signal is formed.


Application fields

  • Process technology
  • Process engineering
  • Chemical plants
  • Building materials industry.
  • Universal application and direct assembly
    in silos, vessels, basins and tanks, open channels


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