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Reactive power compensation according to the latest technological standard

Don't pay for power that doesn't deliver

Whether power capacitors, reactive power controllers, modules or reactive power systems. Schmachtl serves the entire product spectrum.

By means of reactive current compensation, unnecessary energy consumption and costs can be reduced. Our offer begins with consulting and planning, extends to delivery, assembly, installation, insertion and commissioning, as well as maintenance, servicing and 24-h accessibility of the control systems. 



Our products

Reactive power control systems

Advantages of reactive power control systems

  • Plug and Play
  • Control behavior individually adjustable
  • Individual solutions possible


General information about reactive power control systems

We supply ready-to-connect reactive power control systems in floor-standing or wall-mounted cabinets. The control systems are suitable for networks with harmonics in choked or for harmonic-free networks in unchoked design. The plug & play controller concept makes commissioning easy and eliminates sources of error. Our reactive power control systems are suitable for central compensation in networks with harmonic load in accordance with DIN EN 61000-2-4 class 2.

Application fields

Can be used anywhere - there is no industry classification


Technical features

  • Available as floor-standing cabinet or wall-mounted enclosure
  • IP 55 possible
  • 100 - 500 kVAr per cabinet
  • Total power customizable through expansion cabinets
  • Special solutions possible


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Advantages of Schmachtl modules

  • Easy assembly
  • Various accessories
  • Callable in project planning software SIMARIS CONFIGURATION


General information about modules

Our power capacitors are characterized not only by their high quality, but also by their ease of use in construction. The required components for power factor correction, such as modules, power factor controllers, control strips or fans, are already pre-assembled and fit into all common cabinet makes.

Application fields

can be used anywhere- there is no industry classification


Technical Features

Suitable for the following cabinet types, among others:

  • Siemens (Sivacon),
  • Rittal (TS systems),
  • Hensel (SAS 2000),
  • Köhl (ModuCon),
  • Natus (Energon)
  • Eaton (xEnergy, MODAN)
  • ... many more


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Reactive power controller

Advantages of Schmachtl power factor controllers

  • High accuracy and sensitivity even in grids with high harmonic load
  • Detects regeneration in grids with own power generation
  • Gentle operation of all components of the compensation plant
  • Higher life expectancy of a plant
  • Innovative and patented control behavior
  • Universally applicable


General information about power factor controllers

With the power factor controllers for power factor correction that we sell, we pay attention to universal applicability. The reactive power controllers automatically measure themselves to the connected compensation system and the network to be compensated. The patented control characteristic regulates the selected target cos phi and avoids overcompensation at low load. Reactive power controllers avoid reactive current costs and reduce the risk of grid disturbances.

Application fields

Can be used anywhere - there is no industry classification


Technical features

  • With 6 or 12 output contacts (= relays) (= 6-stage or 12-stage)
  • Optional MODBUS RTU
  • Also available as MODBUS TCP/IP (with network interface) in the near future
  • Optional single-phase or three-phase measuring
  • Optional with integrated I/O module
  • Optional with temperature monitoring PTC or PT100
  • With UL- Certification available
  • Supply voltage 230 V or 400 V possible


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Power capacitors

Advantages of Schmachtl Power Capacitors

  • Self-healing effect
  • Segmented film
  • Overpressure breakaway protection
  • Patented contact ring technology (contact ring instead of solder joints)
  • High overload capability
  • Long service life
  • Highest operational reliability
  • Piece-by-piece testing of every capacitor manufactured


General information about power capacitors

We understand power capacitors as the heart of a power factor correction system. That is why we rely on "Made in Germany" when it comes to quality. Power capacitors create the basis for demand-specific fixed capacitors and reactive power control systems. The fourfold safety system of these power factor correction capacitors ensures a high degree of operational safety. Each power capacitor can be clearly identified by an individual serial number. It provides information on production-relevant data and serves as a link to the test and measurement results of the routine test. Among the Basic, Standard, Premium and Heavy Duty versions, we will advise you on the capacitor solution that is right for your application.

Application fields

Can be used anywhere- there is no industry classification


Technical features

  • Single phase/three phase
  • 5 ...40 kVAr
  • 230 - 690 V
  • Available with UL certification
  • Available with tuned filter circuit chokes


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Project Services

With Schmachtl Project Services you are in good hands from the start of your project. 

From the consultation meeting to technical support. We support you so that you can implement your project



advance services

1.  Technical consultations:

- For new applications/


- Replacement types alternative for

existing applications


1.    Process analysis

needs assessment

2.    Feasibility study

3. Conceptual design/planning/


manufacturing services

1.  Assembly/assembly

2.  Pre-assembly

3. Insertion

4.  Assembly/installation

5.  Commissioning/calibration

6.  Start-up support/performance check

7. CE conformity assessment

8.  Retrofit: Modernization & Retrofit,

equipment replacement

Ongoing additional services:

1.  Service Packages: Maintenance/

Repairs (emergency call for malfunction)/

Monitoring Services

2.  Technical Support

Logistics services

With our logistics services you have the possibility to choose between different

delivery and storage options. We support you. 


delivery options

1.    Collective deliveries

2.    Demand location deliveries

3. Flexible delivery times

Packaging Solutions:

1.  Special packaging

Storage options

1.  Spare parts storage

2.  Master contracts:

stock in stock


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