Gear pumps and screw pumps

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Pumps and pump systems for all liquid media

Gear and screw pumps in various technical versions

Our pumps are suitable for use in many different media, have high efficiency and are available in different technical versions.



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Gear Pumps

Advantages of gear pumps

  • Suitable for a wide range of media
  • Different technical variants available
  • Operation in ATEX areas possible
  • Robust and durable
  • High efficiency
  • Flat characteristic


General information about gear pumps

Gear pumps convey liquid media, which have at least minimal lubricating properties. The pumps can also be used for demanding media in combination with magnetic couplings.

Application fields


  • Filling plants
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Waste oil disposal, waste oil transport, waste oil treatment
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Coating machines and plants
  • Dosing plants, Printing machines
  • Large electrical machines
  • Paint industry, filter technology
  • Generator construction, gear construction, plain bearing construction
  • Rubber and tire manufacturers
  • Cooling machines
  • Engine construction
  • PUR plants
  • Ship machinery construction, lubricating oil plants
  • Lubricant manufacturers
  • Tank plant construction, turbine construction
  • forming machines
  • vacuum plants, compressors
  • heat transfer plants, machine tools
  • centrifuge construction process technology, process engineering, chemical plants, building materials industry

Technical features

  Delivery rates:  0.5 l/min - 2000 l/min
  Pressure delivery pump:  up to 30 bar
  Pressure hydraulic pump:  up to 250 bar
  Viscosity medium:  1.2 mm²/s - 20. 000 mm²/s

Cast iron pump casing

Gears made of case-hardened steel, surface treatment possible as required


Screw pump

General information about screw pumps

Screw pumps convey liquid media and are characterized by smooth running and protection of the pumped medium due to the continuous conveying movement. In conjunction with magnetic couplings, screw pumps can also be used for critical media.

Application fields


  • Lubricating oil pumps for generators, turbines, gearboxes, compressors and large engines
  • Lubricating oil pumps for industrial plants (e.g. cement industry)


  • Conveying pumps for chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Conveying pumps in oil and gas industry
  • Lubricating oil and fuel pumps in marine



  • Suitable for a wide range of media
  • Media-friendly conveying
  • Very low pulsation
  • Different technical variants available
  • Operation in ATEX areas possible
  • High efficiency
  • Flat characteristic


Technical features

  Delivery rates:  25 m³/h - 5000 m³/h
  Pressure feed pump:  up to 280 bar
  Media temperature:  up to max. 350 °C
  Viscosity medium:  1 mm²/s - 100,000 mm²/s

Cast iron, steel or aluminum pump casing, running surface tempering possible as required

Case hardened steel spindles, surface tempering possible as required



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