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KINEXON: for your digital smart factory of tomorrow

Reliable and accurate location of people and objects in industrial environments

When we talk about the Industrial Internet of Things, digital factories or Industry 4.0 these days, we assume that "things" will interact and communicate with each other fully automatically in the future.

To make the vision of the smart factory come true, we need to know the exact location and status of relevant objects within a factory. The open edge platform KINEXON RIoT (Real-time Internet of Things) digitizes all objects involved in the logistics or production process and enables a fully automated interaction in real time.

The KINEXON RIoT platform is enriched by data from RTLS (Real-Time Location System). This uses small sensors to record the 3D location and status of all objects to the nearest centimeter. The processing of the location context thereby enables entirely new analyses.

The result: significant productivity improvements through full transparency as well as real-time optimization and automation of all industrial processes.








Continental relies on KINEXON.

Savings and efficiency gains.

KINEXON's real-time localization system enables seamless, disruption-free, centimeter-level tracking of all 'things' involved in the flow of materials and production in real time. In addition, the localization data can be analyzed live via a real-time IoT platform and controlled in value-added applications. 

KINEXON's real-time localization system enables seamless, disruption-free, centimeter-level tracking of all 'things' involved in the flow of materials and production in real time. In addition, the localization data can be analyzed live via a real-time IoT platform and controlled in value-added applications. 




Intelligent Navigation at BMW with KINEXON

KINEXON keeps the road clear for BMW's driverless transport systems

The autonomous transport systems are given intelligent and flexible control by KINEXON. Reliable, even in difficult environments, KINEXION ensures increased efficiency and cost savings through route optimization.

The result:

Intelligence for autonomous navigation.

  • Time: Flexible and most cost-effective navigatin of AGVs
  • Quality: ''Brain'' processes sensor fusion and enables highest accuracy, flexibility and robustness
  • Cost: Reduced complexity and maintenance of AGVs


Zalando Logistics Center



40% less WAIT TIME

  • of loading aids in commissions. Significant increase in utilization.


  • By analyzing and optimizing equipment utilization. Thus high savings of basic costs.


  • By automating warehouse processes and thereby avoiding human errors. Increasing process quality.


  • Precise 3D localization even in challenging environments


  • Transforming Big Data into Smart Data


  • Easy to use for low cost and quick installation

Hardware & Software

The KINEXON solution consists of 2 components:

  • Hardware components to network the objects
  • Software to optimize or automate the processes in real time based on the position data




  • Wired or wireless setup with battery operation




  • Open architecture: open in all directions
  • Real-time processing of valuable, proprietary data on-site with additional third-party data
  • Automation and optimization of processes




  • 35x108x10mm
  • Range: 10-50m
  • Accuracy: 10-30 cm
  • Updaterate up to 20Hz
  • High capacity battery up to 5 years




  • Suitable for different vehicles
  • Range: 10-50m
  • Accuracy: 10-30 cm
  • Position update rate 20.001 - 20Hz
  • Data interface RS232, CAN


The KINEXON Technology

Sensor network

RTLS (Real Time Location System) on UWB (ultra-wideband) basis

Real-time location systems operate on a radio basis and reliably transmit position data of people and objects within a specified time span.

Ultra wideband describes is a high-performance radio technology that enables data streams with a latency of less than 50ms.



Process optimization through real-time integration of multiple data sources



- Process up to 500,000 data points per second with minimal latency (<50ms)

Various data sources

- Ability to process, correlate and convert data from multiple sources (e.g. RFID, barcode, MES) into real-time events


- Edge computing as a key technology for integrating different systems


- Hardware-independent real-time platform. Facilitates interchangeability and interoperability



Application in practice

Location of transport vehicles

Location of cargo carriers

Location of people

Order tracking and control

Process and value stream mapping

Process Modeling

Event detection

accident prevention

Advantages of Schmachtl as a partner

Product benefits

  • Reliable & accurate location of people & objects in industrial environments
  • Intelligent evaluation and visualization in real time
  • Location detection and data integration
  • Integration of additional data via various interfaces possible
  • Easy handling for cost-effective and fast installation

Why Schmachtl?

  • Consulting as well as product selection for applications in the field of automation
  • Support for integration into the company network
  • Digitalization of manufacturing through intelligent products and systems
  • Expertise, know-how and update on product innovations
  • Aftersales and training


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