GIT Safety Award Winner: MLC SPG safety light curtain



Access protection on conveyor lines must be compact, safe and efficient.

The MLC 530 SPG safety light curtain from Leuze electronic is now available from Schmachtl. 

A control signal originating from the PLC and the interruption of the protective field are used by the Smart Process Gating (SPG) as a trigger for bridging to the material transport. 

No additional sensors are required.

The two operating modes allow adaptation to conveyor lines with speeds up to 0.2 m/s or up to 0.6 m/s.

The light curtain offers high manipulation safety and is extremely space-saving due to its compact design.




Smart Process Gating at world market leader WITRON.

When it comes to planning and implementing highly dynamic storage systems and picking systems in intralogistics, there is no getting around the company WITRON. The company from the Upper Palatinate is one of the market leaders in this segment worldwide. Schmachtl's long-standing partner Leuze electronic not only equips WITRON in its own production and warehouse logistics, but is also in use for efficient safety solutions at its customers. 

Leuze electronic's "Smart Processing Gating" (SPG) makes access guarding with material transport more compact, simpler, and safer.


Security as a top priority

Not all areas, in the case of WITRON's customers in logistics centers, can be sealed off with the classic protective devices. In order to still be able to guarantee human safety, safety light curtains are used on conveyor lines, for example. It is particularly important to recognize the difference between humans and commodity around an unrestricted expiration without false alarm to ensure to be able.

In order to be able to clearly detect the approach of conveyed goods to a protective field, muting processes with so-called signal-generating muting sensors are usually used. However, in combination with the tried-and-tested safety light curtains (always installed together), this solution takes up a lot of the little to hardly any available space. As a consequence, the service and installation effort is also relatively high. WITRON has therefore expressed the desire to find a more practical solution. 


Solution found!

"Smart Process Gating" (SPG) is based on the MLC safety light curtains from Leuze electronic, was initiated by the same, developed together with WITRON and put through its paces on its test tracks. 

The MLC 530 safety light curtain in the variant with "Smart Process Gating" is safety certified by the TÜV.

In combination with a standard control system, a performance level PL d can be achieved, which is sufficient for many applications in intralogsitik. With a safety controller, however, a Performance Level PL e is also achievable.

Smart Process Gating has been in use at WITRON as standard in all of its global projects since fall 2016! SPG from Leuze electronic is also the winner of the GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD 2019 and has been nominated for the "Best of Industry Award 2019"


Product details

Special product advantages of the safety light curtain:

  • Kompakte, platzsparende Bauweise, stabil (keine signalgebenden Sensoren nötig)
  • Zugangssicherung ohne Muting-Sensoren
  • Keine Justage der Sensoren bei Änderung des Transportgutes
  • Einfache Bedienung, hohe Manipulationssicherheit
  • Geringer Installations- und Serviceaufwand
  • Auch unterbrochene Teile mit Abständen zwischen der Ladung können störungsfrei transportiert werden



Why Schmachtl?


  • Consultation for the right choice of system for applicaiton
  • Standardized design for optimal safeguarding
  • Planning of overall systems for machine safety
  • Fast and uncomplicated support

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