AdaptaGuard: A frameless modular protective fencing system



AdaptaGuard is ideal for all applications with high risk of mechanical impact.

The frameless panel, stiffened with transverse beads, is made with 4 mm wire. It is attached to 50 x 50 mm posts using sturdy captive fasteners. The square base with high strength and weight stabilizes the support during assembly.



AdaptaGuard is quick and easy to assemble: By using one and the same support for linear, angle or door mounting, errors can be avoided and preparation or installation time is significantly reduced. The generously sized brackets facilitate the use of screwing tools; ultimately, the absence of a frame allows for quick adjustment of panel dimensions directly on site, should unforeseen adjustments arise


Specifications and dimensions

  • Stand: 50 x 50mm
  • Panel: Profiled grid
  • Mesh: 32 x 68 x 4mm
  • Painting: Powder coating (suitable for indoor applications only)
  • Cross beading

- Widths: 196, 292, 676, 772, 996, 1188, 1476, 1988mm

- Heights: 2080, 2490mm



Why AdaptaGuard?

40% time saving - Compared to conventional systems

Robust - The pre-embossing in the grid structure of the panels and the fastening to the uprights in exactly these areas ensure great stability of the overall system

Practical - The ergonomic fastening elements made of high-strength fiber-reinforced plastic allow quick positioning of the grids. The fastening system is equipped with captive screws in accordance with EN 953+A1 / ISO 14120 and 2006/42/CE - Machinery Directive

Versatile - With its frameless design, AdaptaGuard is easily adaptable to a wide range of needs

Impact Test EN ISO 14120 - AdaptaGuard has passed rigorous impact tests from the inside to the outside at 1600J, according to the "pendulum test" procedure and in accordance with the EN ISO 14120


Why Schmachtl?

  • Assistance in safeguarding machines and plants from the concept phase to the final implementation (consulting and technical support, engineering and design, installation and assembly, etc.).
  • With fast response times and personal assistance from our technical support, we fulfill our self-declared claim to be a reliable partner with a backbone for you.
  • Thanks to the wide variety of products from different premium brand manufacturers, we can offer fast and functional automation solutions for a wide range of applications. 
  • Low procurement costs with assured quality standards ensure an attractive price / performance ratio.





For more information about our products and services, contact a Schmachtl sales representative. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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