Protection fence - A trivial topic! Or is it?



For many years, the topic of protective fencing has been an important part of Schmachtl's product portfolio. Experience has shown that customers consider safeguarding with protective fencing to be simple and quick. However, the larger the project and the more details become known, the more difficult this turns out to be if it is not part of the daily business. Rapidly many questions arise. To name a few of them:

  • How high does the fence have to be?
  • Which doors should I use?
  • Which tumbler is necessary for my application?
  • How do I lay my cables to the tumbler?

Why do companies concern themselves with the design of a guard fence system if it is not at all one of their core competencies, and thus involves a lot of time? Schmachtl is a passionate solution partner for safety-related issues. In the area of protective fencing, we are happy to provide you with an "all-inclusive carefree package".  What Schmachtl understands by the "All inclusive carefree package"


In the course of an appointment at your site, we will inspect and measure your machine/plant and advise you on the selection of your protective fence system. Furthermore, we discuss with you possibilities for cabling and for the protection of accesses.  Based on the appointment, you will then receive a CAD drawing from us, which forms the basis of our quotation . Schmachtl offers in addition to these services also the installation of the protective fence. Usually companies themselves have capacity to accomplish this. However, they like to fall back on a supervisor from Schmachtl, which supports the professional installation. In the course of the installation, all the necessary documents, such as the CE certificate for the safety fence, are handed over once again.


All inclusive carefree package

What does Schmachtl mean by the "All inclusive carefree package"


  1. Initial discussion: System selection and measurement

  2. CAD drawing creation

  3. Quotation preparation

  4. Positioning of the safety fence and installation of the tumblers

  5. Transfer of the necessary documents for the safety documentation


Why Satech?

Why does Schmachtl rely on protective fence systems from Satech? Satech is an Italian company that specializes in the production of protective fence systems. A comprehensive product portfolio with the highest quality standards distinguishes Satech. The great flexibility in the design of the protective fence and innovative, time-saving installation options are highly appreciated by our customers. These are exactly the qualities Schmachtl represents to its customers and that is why Satech fits perfectly into Schmachtl's extensive safety product portfolio.




For more information about our products and services, contact a Schmachtl sales representative. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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