Force Feedback - the intuitive joystick for any machine operation



Force Feedback - the KEY sense for your machine operation

Force Feedback enables intuitive machine operation on a whole new level. Machine operators experience constant feedback on what is happening directly at the machine through force feedback, allowing them to make better and faster decisions. 

Robust industrial sensors record force, travel, angle, adjustment speed and pass these on haptically to the joystick or foot pedals by means of force feedback. Complementing the classic parameters, shock and shake effects can be used to realize an even more realistic operating feel.


Joystick for intuitive machine operation




Various objects - bricks, pipes, tubes - can be reliably detected via the appropriate sensor technology and reported to the operator via haptic feedback.

It thus enables safe working for the operator and his environment.


Applications in practice

Bucket operation on excavators and wheel loaders

Crane equipment operation

Handling of conveyor and lifting equipment

Lifting and lowering loads in transportation

Why Force Feedback?

Realistic user experience

Tactile feedback

Haptic feedback

Intuitive operation

Ergonomic and robust

Precise control

Reduction of downtime

force feedback even with foot pedals

Safe operation

Special features

  • Joystick und Fußpedale mit Force Feedback
  • Robuste, ergonomische Bauform
  • Verfügbar als Ein- oder Zweiachsgeber
  • Unterschiedliche Hebelauslenkungen, Bauformen und Bestückungsvarianten 
  • Verschleißfreie magnetische oder induktive Messsysteme
  • Sicherheitsrelevante Anwendungen gemäß IEC 61508 SIL bzw. ISO 13849 
  • Dynamische Rückmeldung bei komplexen Systemen
  • Unformung von Weg-, Kraft-, Winkel- und Neigungswerten

Why Schmachtl?

  • Needs-based on-site consulting
  • Complete solution for sensor technology and operation
  • Standard-compliant safety-related design
  • Customized prefabrication of operating units



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